Bob Brady

Bob Brady Diskografie

Info: grau hervorgehobene Songs sind mit Beteiligung des Musikers
Bedeutung: (mabe not on all tracks), der Künstler hat wahrscheinlich nicht bei allen Songs mitgewirkt

Larry Norman

Only Visiting This Planet (1972)

Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
The Outlaw
I've Got To Learn To Live Without You
Without Love You Are Nothing
I Wish We'd All Been Ready
Six O'Clock News
Great American Novel
Pardon Me
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music
Readers Digest
Oh, How I Love You

Piano (maybe not on all tracks)

Larry Norman

So Long Ago The Garden (1973)

Meet Me At The Airport (Fly, Fly, Fly)
It's The Same Old Story
Lonely By Myself
Be Careful What You Sign
Baroquen Spirits
Christmas Time
She's A Dancer
Soul Survivor

Piano (maybe not on all tracks)


Get Your Teeth Into This (1973)

A. Lost B. What A Day C. Lonely Street
Last Night
Sing A Little Song
Nobody Loves You
Get Your Teeth Into This
Write Me A Letter
The Road
Twist Her Hand
Melting Away

Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Percussion, Written


Introducing Eddy And The Falcons (1974)

Eddy's Rock
Brand New 88
You Got Me Runnin'
I Dun Lotsa Cryin' Over You
This Is The Story Of My Love (Baby)
Everyday I Wonder
Crazy Jeans
Come Back Karen
We're Gonna Rock 'N' Roll Tonight

Piano, Vocals


Gottle O'Geer (1976)

When First Into This Country
Our Band
Lay Me Down Easy
Cropredy Capers
The Frog Up The Pump
Don't Be Late
Sandy's Song
Friendship Song
Limey's Lament

Vocals (maybe not on all tracks)

Paddington Bear

Magical Musical (1982)

Please Look After This Bear
Down In Darkest Peru
Do The Duffle
Marmalade 'n' Me
Is This Goodbye
Down At Portobello Market
Peruvian Reserves
Wellington Waltz
Everlasting Toffee
Cross My Paws And Hope To Die

Piano, Vocals

Cliff Aungier

Full Moon (1984)

You Win Again
San Diego Serenade
Relax Your Mind
Sad Old Song Of Mine
Till I Go On My Way
Come Back Baby
Hey Baby
Mean Old Southern
I Love The Ground
Leaving Home
Four Strong Winds
I Need You To Turn To
Trouble In Mind

Piano (maybe not on all tracks)


Viva La Muerte (1992)

Viva La Muerte
Schmeiss Es Hin
Haut Zu Stein
Im Namen Des Herrn
Gegen Die Zeit
Wir Lieben Die Stürme
Wir Haben Dich Wieder
Besserwisserei Stinkt
My Youngest Son
Red Nicht - Geh Los
Lustig Lustig

Fiddle, Voice


Clog Dance - The Very Best Of Violinski (2007)

Clog Dance
Silent Love
Captain Dandy
Save Me
What's Your Game
Princess Of Darkness (Instrumental Rough Mix)
Caped Crusader
Hide It
I Don't Know (Mik's Song) (Alternate Take)
Clear Away
Tango (Instrumental Rough Mix)
Ruby Rhythms (Alternate Early Mix)
No Cause For Alarm (Early Version)
Need Your Love (Instrumental Rough Mix)
Rock Steady
Scenario (Alternate Early Mix)
Borderlands (Instrumental Early Version)
Mirrored Mirror
Home To Tea (Alternate Early Mix)
Clog Dance (Rock Version)


James Litherland

4th Estate (2017)

Listen To The Wind
Touch Sensitive
Danger Zone
Only Your Love
Cosmic Call
How Many Times
Easiest Way To Go
Small Hours
Where To Turn


Roy Wood

Mustard (2019)

Roy Wood - Mustard
Roy Wood - Any Old Time Will Do
Roy Wood - The Rain Came Down On Everything
Roy Wood - You Sure Got It Now
Roy Wood - Why Does Such A Pretty Girl Sing Those Sad Songs
Roy Wood - The Song
Roy Wood - Look Thru The Eyes Of A Fool
Roy Wood - Interlude / Get On Down Home
Bonus Tracks:
Roy Wood - Oh What A Shame
Roy Wood - Bengal Jig
Wizzard - Rattlesnake Roll
Wizzard - Can't Help My Feelings
Roy Wood - Strider
Roy Wood's Wizzard - Indiana Rainbow
Roy Wood's Wizzard - The Thing Is This (This Is The Thing)