Nick Pentelow

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Info: grau hervorgehobene Songs sind mit Beteiligung des Musikers
Bedeutung: (mabe not on all tracks), der Künstler hat wahrscheinlich nicht bei allen Songs mitgewirkt


Wizzard Brew (1973)

You Can Dance The Rock 'N' Roll
Meet Me At The Jailhouse Jolly Cup Of Tea
Buffalo Station - Get On Down To Memphis
Gotta Crush (About You)
Wear A Fast Gun

Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute


Introducing Eddy And The Falcons (1974)

Eddy's Rock
Brand New 88
You Got Me Runnin'
I Dun Lotsa Cryin' Over You
This Is The Story Of My Love (Baby)
Everyday I Wonder
Crazy Jeans
Come Back Karen
We're Gonna Rock 'N' Roll Tonight

Tenor Saxophone

Free Music, Chris Sedgwick

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (1975)
(7 Inch Single)

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Have You Ever Bin Loved

Saxophone, Flute

Glenn Cardier

Glenn Cardier (1976)

Till The Fire Dies
Love At First Sight
Claudius Come Home
Somebody's Under My Bed
It's A Small World (Or So They Say)
The Party
Man On The Roof
New-Born Babe
After Luna Park
Orchestra Story
Goodtime Days


Steve Gibbons Band

Down In The Bunker (1978)

No Spitting On The Bus
Any Road Up
Down In The Bunker
Big J.C.
Mary Ain't Goin' Home
Down In The City
Let's Do It Again
Eddy Vortex
When You Get Outside

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Louis Clark

(Per-spek-tiv) n. (1979)

Interlude 1 (Reminiscence)
Andante (The Long Trek)
Interlude 2 (Nostalgia)
Allegro Vivo (On The Run)
Lento (Departure)
Winter Quotation
Interlude 3 (Euphoria)
The Test
Into The Mysterious
Dance Of Joy


Steve Gibbons Band

Street Parade (1980)

A To Z
Human Race
Graffiti Man
Sonny Day AndThe Tropics
Blue Lagoon
I'm A Man
British Rock 'n' Roll
New Romance
Fair Play
Saturday Night
Midnight Moon
Street Parade

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Juice On The Loose

Juice On The Loose (1981)

Fanny Mae
Dependent On You
You'll Lose A Good Thing
Softwear Breakdown
You're No Good
Boogie Thing
Party Time
Don't Ever Leave Me
It's Raining
Time Is The Healer
Kool Daddy
Goin' Home

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Arranged All Brass
(maybe not on all tracks)

Adrian Snell

The Virgin (1981)

Light Of The World - Part 1
Love In My Life
The Promise
How Can I Explain
What A Love!
What Do You Mean, A Baby?
All For Nothing
Joseph's Dream
My Heart Sings
Journey To Bethlehem/No Room, We're Full
Look At Us Now!
The Warning/Kill All The Children/Return
Simeon's Song/Son Of The World
Light Of The World - Part 2

Soloist Sax Solo

Roger Chapman & The Shortlist

Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun (1981)

Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun
Killing Time
Wants Nothing Chained
The Long Goodbye
Blood And Sand
Common Touch
Goodbye (Reprise)
Hearts On The Floor
Step Up - Take A Bow
Jukebox Mama

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Steve Gibbons Band

Saints & Sinners (1981)

Loving Me, Loving You
'Till I Waltz Again With You
American Rock 'N' Roll
Biggles Flys Undone
Social Dance
Somebody Stole My Synthesizer
Home From Home
Fiction Factory
The Rugged Rock

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Adrian Snell

Cut (1981)

Now You See Me
After The Morning
Taking It Easy
Find Myself In You
Moments In Eternity
In The Palm Of My Hand
Don't Care / Do Care
When I'm Away From You

Soloist Sax Solo, Saxophone

Bernardo Lanzetti

Bernardo Lanzetti (1982)

VIta In Provetta
Solamente Noi
Giovani Mostri In Libertà
Futuro Da Dimenticare
Ho Chiuso Col Rock 'N' Roll
Non Si Può Dire
Cherchez La Femme
La Ragazza Del Mio Amico

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Roger Chapman And The Shortlist

He Was… She Was… You Was… We Was… (1982)

Higher Ground
Ducking Down
Making The Same Mistake
Blood And Sand
King Bee
That Same Thing
Face Of Stone
Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun
Night Down No. 2 (A La Z.Z.)
Slow Down
Common Touch
Juke Box Mama No. 3
He Was, She Was

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Paddington Bear

Magical Musical (1982)

Please Look After This Bear
Down In Darkest Peru
Do The Duffle
Marmalade 'n' Me
Is This Goodbye
Down At Portobello Market
Peruvian Reserves
Wellington Waltz
Everlasting Toffee
Cross My Paws And Hope To Die


Paul Field

Restless Heart (1983)

Rock With The Best Of Them (Nothing Matters Without You)
Has To Be You, Has To Be Me
The Storm Is Over
Stranger In Your Eyes
Just Around The Corner
You're The One
Nearly Midnight
Restless Heart

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Swans Way

The Fugitive Kind (1984)

Soul Train
Keeping It Strong
Club Secrets
In Trance
Je Joué
The Blade
The Anchor
When The Wild Calls
Bonus Tracks:
The Anchor (Full Length Version)
Soul Train (12" Mix)
Theme From The Balcony (12" Version)
Illuminations (Extended Pleasure)
Hangover (Full Length Version)

Tenor Saxophone

The Rejects

Quiet Storm (1984)

It Ain't Nothing
I Saw The Light
Back To The Start
I Can't Forget
Feeling My Way
Quiet Storm
Leave It
Fourth Summer
Jog On

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)


De Klok Op...Rock (1984)

De Klok Op....Rock
Gin Belasting Gin Benzine Meer
Deur Sneeuw En Kolde Veute
As Ik An De Macht Was
Luie Leen
In De Discotheek
Grote Beer
Alcohol Express

Saxophone (Additional) (maybe not on all tracks)

Roger Chapman

The Shadow Knows (1984)

Busted Loose
Leader Of Men
Ready To Roll
I Think Of You Now
Sitting Up Pretty
How How How
Only Love Is In The Red
Sweet Vanilla
I'm A Good Boy Now

Tenor Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Diz Watson

Rhumbalero (1984)

Junco Partners
Hello Josephine
I'm Walkin'
I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
Let The 4 Winds Blow
Hadacol Bounce
Tico Tico
So Swell When You're Well
Longhair's Rhumba
Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
Big Chief
Her Mind Is Gone
Blues For Alexis

Tenor Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Cliff Aungier

Full Moon (1984)

You Win Again
San Diego Serenade
Relax Your Mind
Sad Old Song Of Mine
Till I Go On My Way
Come Back Baby
Hey Baby
Mean Old Southern
I Love The Ground
Leaving Home
Four Strong Winds
I Need You To Turn To
Trouble In Mind

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Big Jay McNeely

From Harlem To Camden (1984)

Harlem Nocturne
Camden Bounce
Get On Up
Some Kinda Boogie
Just Because
Jumpin' With Jay
Night Train
Jay Jay
Strollin' Sax
Pembridge Court
Catalina Swing
Rockin' The Reeds

Tenor Saxophone

Ron Kavana

Rollin' & Coastin' (1985)

Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Underneath The Harlem Moon
Love Has No Pride
Roll 'Em Easy
Life's Railway To Heaven
I Want My Baby Back
Talk To Me
Troubles, Troubles

Tenor Saxophone

Roger Chapman

Roger Chapman (1985)

Mango Crazy
Toys: Do You?
I Read Your File
Let Me Down
I Really Can't Go Straight
Busted Loose
Ready To Roll
Sitting Up Pretty
Sweet Vanilla
How, How, How (Mad Love)

Tenor Saxophone

Poli Palmer

Human Error (1985)

Smoke That Thunders
Human Error
Sin Nombre
Old Fulham Fertility Dance

Tenor Saxophone Solo

Flesh For Lulu

Big Fun City (1985)

Baby Hurricane
Cat Burglar
Let Go
Vaguely Human
Rent Boy
Golden Handshake Girl
In Your Smile
Landromat Kat
Just One Second

Horns (maybe not on all tracks)

Nick Lowe And His Cowboy Outfit

The Rose Of England (1985)

Darlin' Angel Eyes
She Don't Love Nobody
7 Nights To Rock
Long Walk Back
The Rose Of England
Lucky Dog
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll)watkins
Indoor Fireworks
(Hope To God) I'm Right
I Can Be The One You Love
Bo Bo Skediddle

Tenor Saxophone

Elton John

Ice On Fire (1985)

This Town
Cry To Heaven
Soul Glove
Too Young
Wrap Her Up
Tell Me What The Papers Say
Candy By The Pound
Shoot Down The Moon

Tenor Saxophone

Roger Chapman

Live In Berlin (1985)
(12 Inch Single)

Shadow On The Wall
Let Me Down
How How How
Mango Crazy

Saxophone, Synthesizer

Roger Chapman

Zipper (1986)

Running With The Flame
On Do-Die-Day
Never Love A Rolling Stone
Let The Beat Get Heavy
It's Never Too Late To Do-Ron-Ron
Woman Of Destiny
Hoodoo Me Up

Saxophone (Tenor & Alto) (maybe not on all tracks)

Vic Godard

T.R.O.U.B.L.E (1986)

Holiday Hymn
The Devil's In League With You
Caribbean Blue
Nice On The Ice
Miss Sadie
Out Of Touch
Tidal Wave
Stop That Girl
20th Century Blues
Ice On The Volcano
Chain Smoking
I'm Going To Write A Musical

Alt Saxophone

Dave Taylor

Steppin' Outa Line... (1986)

Won't You
Shake Rattle & Roll
Mona Lisa
You'd Better Listen To Me Now
All By Myself

Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Chas And Dave

Flying (1987)

Darlin' I Don't Care
Diddle-Umma Day
Exhibition Rag
I Can Get Along Without You
That Telephone Thing
Back In The Soul Days
Miss You All The Time

Brass (maybe not on all tracks)

Colin James Hay

Looking For Jack (1987)

Hold Me
Can I Hold You?
Looking For Jack
Master Of Crime
These Are Our Finest Days
Puerto Rico
Ways Of The World
I Don't Need You Anymore
Circles Erratica
Fisherman's Friend

Tenor Saxophone

Roger Chapman

Walking The Cat (1989)

Kick It Back
Son Of Red Moon
Stranger Than Strange
Just A Step Away (Let's Go)
The Fool
Toys '89
Walking The Cat
J & D
Come The Dark Night
Hands Off
Saturday Night Kick Back

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True (1989)

Hi,How're You Doin'?
Don't You Say...
Anata Ni Aitakute
Shuuni Ichidono Koibito
It's Too Late
Kanashii Kiss

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

The Poor Mouth

Gael Force (1990)

Kerry Red
All Jokera Are Wild
S.O.S. Crumlin Road
Gael Force East
This Must Be Love Teresa
Celtic Legend
Danger Money
No Mans Land
Gael Force West

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band

Back To The Blues (1990)

Oh Pretty Woman
Walking By Myself
The Stumble
All Your Love
Midnight Blues
You Don't Love Me
Still Got The Blues
Texas Strut
Moving On
Too Tired
Cold, Cold Feeling
Farther Up The Road
King Of The Blues
Stop Messin' Around
Why I Sing The Blues

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Roger Chapman

Hybrid And Lowdown (1990)

Hot Night To Rhumba
Holding On
Beautifully Indecent
Someone Else's Clothes
Chicken Fingers Sushi Roll
House Behind The Sun
Sushi Rock
Is There Anybody Out There?
Bye Bye Love

Soprano Saxophone

Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band

An Evening Of The Blues (1990)
(LIVE Concert)

Oh Pretty Woman
Walking By Myself
All Your Love
Still Got The Blues
Too Tired
Further Up On The Road
Texas Strut
Moving On
Midnight Blues
King Of The Blues
Stormy Monday

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Gary Moore

Still Got The Blues (1990)

Moving On
Oh Pretty Woman
Walking By Myself
Still Got The Blues
Texas Strut
Too Tired
King Of The Blues
As The Years Go Passing By
Midnight Blues
That Kind Of Woman
All Your Love
Stop Messin' Around

Tenor Saxophone


Feet On Fire (1991)

Toweli Nini

Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Wishbone Ash Featuring Robbie France & Ray Weston

Strange Affair (1991)

Strange Affair
Wings Of Desire
Dream Train
Some Conversation
Say You Will
Hard Times
Standing In The Rain

Baritone Saxophone

Caroline Bonnett

Still Time (1991)

One More Time
Heavenly Protection
Small Town Boy
Sons Of Adam
The Touch
One In A Million
Daddy Says
Stubborn Heart
All Day Long
Heavenly Protection - Extended Mix

Soprano Saxophone

Dreams Come True

Wonder 3 (1991)

Open Sesame
Tatakai No Hibuta (戦いの火蓋; The Battle's Apron Of A Gun)
Sayonara Wo Matteru (さよならを待ってる; A Goodbye Is Waiting)
Kuwabara Kuwabara
Ring! Ring! Ring! (S・H・H Version)
Kondo Wa Niji Wo Mi Ni Ikou (今度は虹を見に行こう; Let's Go To See The Rainbow Next Time)
Hisashiburi No I Miss You (ひさしぶりのI Miss You; I Miss You From Long Time No See)
Egao No Yukue (Original Version) (笑顔の行方; Smile's Direction)
Kakusareta Kyouki (かくされた狂気)
Futari No Difference (2人のdifference; The Difference Of Two People)
Jikan Ryoukou (時間旅行; Time Travel)

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Dreams Come True

The Swinging Star (1992)

The Swinging Star
Ano Natsu No Hanabi (あの夏の花火 "The Fireworks Of That Summer")
Da Diddly Deet Dee
Sayonara (Extended Version)
Ikitai No Wa Mountain Mountain (行きたいのはmountain Mountain)
Megane Goshi No Sora (眼鏡越しの空)
Kessen Wa Kinyōbi (決戦は金曜日)
Namida To Tatakatteru (涙とたたかってる)
Hide And Seek
Taiyō Ga Miteru (太陽が見てる)
Sweet Sweet Sweet
Haretara Ii Ne (晴れたらいいね)

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks

Gary Moore

White Thunder (1992)

Oh Pretty Woman
Walkin' By Myself
Mighty Blues
Born Under A Bad Sign
Still Got The Blues
Texas Strut
Movin' On
Too Tired
Further Up On The Road
The Messiah Will Come Again

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Paul McCartney

Off The Ground (1993)

Off The Ground
Looking For Changes
Hope Of Deliverance
Mistress And Maid
I Owe It All To You
Biker Like An Icon
Peace In The Neighbourhood
Golden Earth Girl
The Lovers That Never Were
Get Out Of My Way
Winedark Open Sea
C'mon People

Tenore Sax


Some Fantastic Place (1993)

Everything In The World
Some Fantastic Place
Third Rail
Loving You Tonight
It's Over
Cold Shoulder
Talk To Him
Jolly Comes Home
Images Of Loving
True Colours (The Storm)

Horns, Arranged Horns

Martin Barre

A Trick Of Memory (1994)

Way Before Your Time
Bug Bee
Empty Cafe
I Be Thank You
A Blues For All Reasons
A Trick Of Memory
Another View
Cold Heart
Bug C
Morris Minus
In The Shade Of The Shadow


Moody Marsden

Real Faith (1994)

Awakening, My Kind Of Woman
Real Faith
Ozone Friendly
Six Down And One To Go
Fooling With My Heart
Silver On Her Person
Can't Ever Happen To You
2000 Miles Back To Hell
I Got A Mind To Get Even
Kinda Wish You Would
All Revved Up
I'll Sing The Blues
Genauso (Good Connection)

Brass (maybe not on all tracks)

Paul Millns

Against The Tide (1994)

Drive She Said
When Love Comes Calling
Unwelcome Neighbour
Rise And Shine
Don't Wait Too Long
No-one On The Streets
God Save The Self-doubter
She Likes The Rain
Watching The Dinosaurs
Highway Eyes
Dark Water
Back On Your Bike Boy
The Meaning Of The Word

Saxophone, Clarinet (maybe not on all tracks)

Stephanie Lawrence

Marilyn - The Legend (1995)

Candle In The Wind
The Most Beautiful Girl
I'm Thru With Love
She Acts Like A Woman Should
Heat Wave
I Wanna Be Loved By You
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
That's Why
Some Like It Hot/Running Wild
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
When Love Goes Wrong (Nothing Goes Right)
It Was Not Meant To Be
Nobody Answers
Candle In The Wind (Reprise)

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone

Bernie Marsden

Green And Blues (1995)

Don't Want No Woman
If You Be My Baby
Little Girl
Rollin' Man
Merry Go Round
Snowy Wood
My Heart Beats Like Hammer
Shake Your Money Maker
Love That Burns
The Welfare (Turns It's Back On You)
Steppin' In
The Supernatural
Man Of The World

Guest (maybe not on all tracks)

Gary Moore

Blues For Greeny (1995)

If You Be My Baby
Long Grey Mare
Merry Go Round
I Loved Another Woman
Need Your Love So Bad
The Same Way
The Supernatural
Showbiz Blues
Love That Burns
Looking For Somebody

Tenor Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

The Balham Alligators

Gateway To The South (1996)

Allons Rock 'N' Roll
Bayou Teche
Gotta Have Money
Big Bad Dog
Secret Love
Cash On The Barrel-Head
Too Much
The Last Waltz
Hot Rod
Honky Tonk
Johnny B Goode

Baritone Saxophone

Jack-E McAuley

Fretwork (1996)

All Jokers Are Wikld
Gone Crazy On You
SOS Crumlin Road
Danger Money
Lay Your Load On Me
Kerry Red
Zoom Zoom
This Must Be Love, Teres
Johnny Forty Coats
Wen Mama Got The Blues/Goodnight Waltz
No Mans Land
Gael Force - West


Geraint Watkins

Watkins Bold As Love (1997)

My Happy Day
Love Being In Love
It's A Wonderful Life
Don't Stop
Don't Knock It
Honey Honey
It's Over
It's A Beautiful Day
Oobee Doobee Eyes
Big Bad Dog
Mr Blue
It's A Wonderful Life (Again)

Horns (maybe not on all tracks)

Bill Wyman & Rhythm Kings

Struttin' Our Stuff (1997)

Green River
Walking On My Own
Stuff (Can't Get Enough)
Bad To Be Alone
I'm Mad
Down In The Bottom
Motorvatin' Mama
Jitterbug Boogie
Going Crazy Overnight
Hole In My Soul
Tobacco Road


Paul Millns

Unsung Heroes (1997)

The Last But One Time
Sleeping By The Telephone
Forget Her
You Know How It Is
Daddy, Don't Come Home
You Will Rise Again
Dirty Work
Lovely Day
Forbidden Kisses
Free Delivery Of The Blues
No Play Today

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Dreams Come True

Peace! / Marry Me? (1997)
(CD Single)

Marry Me?


Roger Chapman & The Short List

Riff Burglar (1998)

Free Single And Disengaged
Can't Stand It
Bring It On Home
4Strange Brew
5, 10, 15, 20 Part 1
Havanna Moon
Wang Dang Doodle
Big Roll Daddy
Big Legged Woman
Down Bound Train
5, 10, 15, 20 Part 2

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Nick Lowe

Dig My Mood (1998)

Faithless Lover
Lonesome Reverie
You Inspire Me
What Lack Of Love Has Done
Time I Took A Holiday
Failed Christian
Man That I've Become
High On A Hilltop
Lead Me Not
I Must Be Getting Over You
Cold Grey Light Of Dawn

Tenor Saxophone


Lifelike (1998)

Drive Until He Sleeps
Blood In The Air
Molloy's March
Green Of The Melon
The Fortunate One Knows No Anxiety
News To Go Farther
Acer Rubrum

Brass (maybe not on all tracks)

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

Anyway The Wind Blows (1998)

Anyway The Wind Blows
Walking One And Only
Mojo Boogie
Too Late
Every Sixty Seconds
Ring My Bell
Days Like This
He's A Real Gone Guy
A True Romance
Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
When Hollywood Goes Black And Tan
Crazy He Calls Me
Struttin' Our Stuff


Eric Bibb

Home To Me (1999)

World War Blues
Healing Tome
Mandela Is Free
No More Cane On The Brazos
Livin' Lovin' An' Doin'
Walk The Walk
Put Your Foot Down
For You
New Shoes
Singin' In My Heart
Come Back Baby
Bring It On Home To Me


Roy Wood & Wizzard

Main Street (2000)

Main Street
The Fire In His Guitar
French Perfume
Take My Hand
Don't You Feel Better
Indiana Rainbow
I Should Have Known

Saxophone, Flute

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

Double Bill Part One (2001)

Long Walk To D.C.
Hot Foot Blues
Hit That Jive Jack
Love Letters
Love's Down The Drain
I Can't Dance
Medley: Snap You Fingers / What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Get In The Kitchen
Boogie Woogie All Night Long
Medley: Do You Or Don't You / I Wanna Know
Trust In Me
Turn On Your Lovelight

Horn (maybe not on all tracks)

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

Double Bill Part Two (2001)

The Joint Is Jumping
Brownskin Girl
Tired And Sleepy
Lonely Blue Boy
Bye Bye Blues
Where's The Money
Jellyroll Fool
Jealous Girl
My Handy Man
Rollin' And Stumblin'
Keep On Truckin'
Breakin' Up The House

Horn (maybe not on all tracks)

Gary Moore

Back To The Blues (2001)

Enough Of The Blues
You Upset Me Baby
Cold Black Night
Stormy Monday
Ain't Got You
Picture Of The Moon
Looking Back
The Prophet
How Many Lies
Drowning In Tears

Tenor Saxophone

The Lee Sankey Group

Tell Me There's A Sun (2003)

Tell Me There's A Sun
The Man
No Man's Land
Heading Into Town
He Doesn't Live Like The Others
Doing What I Should Have Done
The High Points
Frank's Brother
The Unchosen
Monkey Lips

Baritone Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Vampire Suite (2003)

Vampire Club
Maybe My Soul
In This Love
Vampire Love
Re Vamp Your Soul
Isness Is My Business

Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Roger Chapman & The Shortlist

Chappo: The Loft Tapes Volume 2 - Rostock 1983 (2005)

He Was She Was
Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun
Midnite Child
Turn It Up Loud
Hunt The Man
Bring It On Home / Need Your Loving / Oop Poo Pa Doo
Who Pulled The Nite Down+Hit The Road Jack / Talking 'Bout You/ Goin' Down
Stone Free / Bitches Brew

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Paul Millns

Undercover (2006)

History Of A Kiss
Undercover Man
One Rainy Sunday
Dust Off That Old Pianoforte
No Donkey Ride
So Long Sleepyhead
Back In Your Mainstream
Golden Boy
Shallow Man
Singles Night
Stuck In A Bar
Hang My Heart Out On The Line
The Waiting Game

Saxophone, Clarinet (maybe not on all tracks)

Annie Haslam

Woman Transcending (2006)

Circular Motion
Parachute To You
You Don't Know A Good Thing
Beyond The Blue
One Last Time
Somewhere Out There (Rough Mix)
So Sad (Rough Mix)
Hunter Trials
Lily's In The Field
Willow Song
My Eternal Love (Rough Mix)
Reaching Out


Tony Stevens

Don't Blame Me...I Just Play Bass (2006)

Over And Over
Good Night The Sun
In My Eyes
Run To The River
Heavy Weather
All I Want
Under My Thumb
Um Um Um
Long Way To Go
Always Wanted Your Love
No Time To Cry
Sail On Sailor


Roger Chapman & The Riffburglars

Chappo: The Loft Tapes Volume 4 - Live At Unca Po's, Hamburg 5.3.1982 (2006)

Feel Free & Disengaged
Can't Stand It
Slow Down
Big Roll Daddy / Got My Mojo Workin'
Live The Life I Love & I Love The Life I Live
Wang Dang Doodle
Bring It On Home
Strange Brew
My Baby Left Me
High Blood Pressure
Big River
Sing 'Em The Way I Feel


Mick Abrahams

65 ...The Music (2008)

You Got It Wrong
Watch Your Step
I Believe I'm In Love With You
Don't Forget To Miss Me
The Victim
Nervous Blues
My Sunday Feeling
Serenade To A Cuckoo
Going Down Slow
Rock Me
It's Only Love
See My Way
I Wonder Who
How Can A poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?
It Takes A Good Woman
Jesus On The Mainline
Brand New Feeling
Cat's Squirrel
Breaking Down Slow
Deadman's Hill
Goodnight Irene

Baritone Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Roger Chapman & The Shortlist

Live At The Y Theatre Leicester
Friday 21st December 2001 (2009)

Habbits Of A Lifetime
Kiss My Soull
Moth To A Flame
Downbound Train
Slow Down/CatCalled Kokomo
Weaver Answer
18 Wheels And A Crowbar
My Friend The Sun / Oh Brother
Shank / Toenail Draggin'
No Mules Fool
Jesus And The Devil
- Bonus Tracks From Saturday 22nd December -
Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun
Shank/ Shortlist


High Society

I Never Go Out In The Rain (2009)

Got to Get Out Of This Rut
I Never Go Out In The Rain
Sitting On A Rainbow (Live)
A Talk With Your Father
The Late Late Train
Dancing In The Moonlight
Top Hat & Tails
Paper Cup
Down By The River
I Shouldn't Fall In Love With You
I Can Sing High
Walking Down The Strand
Private Eye
Beautiful Evening
All My Life I Give You Nothing
Mama Said
Powder Blue
Dance Till Dawn
The Late Late Train (Live)
Down By The River (Live)


Andy Fairweather & Low And The Lowriders

Lively (2012)

Peter Gunn
Baby What Do You Want Me To Do
Got Love If You Want It
Bright Lights, Big City
Lay My Burden Down/Will The Circle Be Unbroken
When Things Go Wrong
Worried Man Blues
Lightnin's Boogie
Travellin' Light
When You're Smiling
Gin House

Saxophone, Clarinet

Slim Chance

The Show Goes On - Songs Of Ronnie Lane (2012)

Kuschty Rye
Flags & Banners
Don't You Cry For Me
One For The Road
Lads Got Money
Anymore For Anymore
Rats Tales - Catmelody
Silly Little Man
Lost - From The Late To The Early
You're So Rude

Musician (maybe not on all tracks)

Andy Fairweather Low & The Lowriders

Zone-O-Tone (2013)

Dance On
Deep River Blues
Let Me Be Your Angel
Roll Ya Activator
Hard Way To Go
Breakin' Chains
Love, Hope, Faith & Mercy
La La Music
Unclouded Day
Mother Earth
You'll Never Beat The Devil
Blood Toys
Unclouded Day (Slight Return)

Saxophone, Clarinet (maybe not on all tracks)

Paul Millns

Gone Again (2014)

A Little Painkilling
Love Don't Have To Be Like This
Gone Again
Distillery Street
Beauty Of The High Wire Dancer
Close Companion Of The Blues
City Boy
Love In The Times Of Hardship
Odd Job John
Tangled Up In Stars
Crazy With Love

Baritone Saxophone

Andy Morton

Jazz Ballads (2016)

Blue Note (feat. Miles Levin, Mike Green, Judy Blu & Ray Butcher)
Skin (feat. Rebecca Nash, Miles Levin & Mike Green)
Write on My Heart (feat. Miles Levin, Mike Green & Chris Bowden)
Words and Music (feat. Rebecca Nash)
Cinnamon Sunday (feat. Miles Levin, Mike Green & Ray Butcher)
A Natural High (feat. Ben Lee)
Restless (feat. Chris Bowden, Mike Green, Miles Levin & Judy Blu)
I Love You Despite (feat. Rebecca Nash & Mike Green)
Stormbird (feat. Nick Pentelow)
Smoke and Illusion (feat. Chris Bowden)
Winter (feat. Rebecca Nash)
African Cargoes (feat. Chris Bowden)


Paul Millns & Band

Full Moon Over Goseck LIVE (2016)

Distillery Street
Before The Rain Rolls In
No One On The Streets
Gone Again
Nobody Home
Your Names Are On A List
Love In The Times Of Hardship
Calling All Clowns
Old Enough
Crazy With Love

Saxophone, Clarinet (maybe not on all tracks)

James Litherland

Back 'N Blue (2017)

What You Want
Back 'N Blue
Close To Me
Miss You Blues
Unconditional Love
At Least I Didn't Bore You
Pink Corvette
Can't Live Without You
Naughty Boy
Freedom Road

Soloist, Saxophone

James Litherland

4th Estate (2017)

Listen To The Wind
Touch Sensitive
Danger Zone
Only Your Love
Cosmic Call
How Many Times
Easiest Way To Go
Small Hours
Where To Turn


Andy Fairweather Low & The Lowriders

Listen Here (2017)

Bye Bye Johnny
Got Love If You Want It
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
So Glad You're Mine
Putting On The Style
Route 66
Chitlins Con Carne
I'll Get You
The Ship Titanic
Listen Here
If I Ever Get Lucky
Tough Beat
Mystery Train
Petite Fleur

Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet

Chas & Dave

A Little Bit Of Us (2018)

A Little Bit Of Me
Come On Charlie
When You Wore A Tulip
Wonder Where He Is Now
Dry Bones
Nothing You Can Do
Modern Robin Hood
Last Kiss
My Little Grass Shack
Roses Of Picardy
Sling Your Hook
Why Not Me?

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Paul Millns

A Little Thunder (2019)

Drink Up People
The Only Dance That Matters
Weather For The Blues
She's Flying Today
If I Where You I'd Leave Me
God's Little Mistake
A Little Thunder
My Father's Son
Breathing In And Breathing Out
God Save The Self Doubters
Too Soon
Drunk Again
The First Smile
Last Love

Saxophone (maybe not on all tracks)

Andy Fairweather & Low And The Lowriders

Lockdown Live (2021)

Peter Gunn
Sweet Soulful Music
La Booga Rooga
Something You Got
Spider Jiving
Hymn 4 My Soul
Got Love If You Want It
The Ship Titanic
High In The Sky/Bend Me Shape Me
Blood Toys
So Glad You're Mine
TV Mama
Lightnin's Boogie
When A Man Loves A Woman
If I Ever Get Lucky
Wide Eyed & Legless
If Paradise Is Half As Nice
Route 66

Tenor Saxophone

Gary Moore

Old New Ballads Blues (2021)

Done Somebody Wrong
You Know My Love
Midnight Blues (2006)
Ain't Nobody
Gonna Rain Today
All Your Love (2006)
Flesh & Blood
Cut It Out
No Reason To Cry
I'll Play The Blues For You

Brass (Brass Section), Tenor Saxophone

James Litherland

Real Men Cry (2017)

Warm Rain
Another Time Baby
Real Men Cry
All Over
Every Word
Floating Away
Something Inside Of Me
Change Of Heart
Spirit Of Love



Riding Rainbows (2021)

Riding Rainbows
Black Dog Day
Winter Rain
Chinese Whispers
Bullet Proof
Love On The Run
Dead Man Walking
We're Only Human
Coat Of Colours
Begin Again
All You've Left Me Is Alone
Scratchin' At My Door